Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Little Best Friend

I am really terrible at keeping up with blogging. I have the greatest intention and then fail time after time. I've always been told that when you get bucked off the horse you need to get right back up and in the saddle again. Here I am....YEE-HAW!!! It is after midnight but I cannot NOT record this sweet memory of my little best friend! My little best friend has beautiful blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a nose crinkle that can be seen from miles away, two dimples that melt your heart and a laugh that is beyond contagious. She is who I share all of my secrets with, who I sing Disney songs at the top of my lungs for and of course who I spend all of my waking time day after day with. She is my #1 side kick. we are together 24/7(no but seriously...I wouldn't have it any other way). My little best friend is 8 months old(HOLY FLAMMING COW, WHERE OH WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE)!!!! Her name is Averie but I like to call her Aves ;) 
  Daddy is at work right now and has been all evening. It has just been me and the babes. We went window shopping together, ate a delectable torta together(yum yum), layed on all sorts of beds at the nighty night store together (mattress store...we are in the market) and then went to prom together!! Yep, you heard me right, PROM!!! How many momma's can say that...haha I was my daughters first prom date(poor! Tonight was the modest Is Hottest prom for our stake and three others. I decided to go and check out all of my YW's stylin dresses/gowns(all uh-mazingly gorgeous of course)! I dressed Averie up in the cutest/fanciest dress we had. She was a doll. She L.O.V.E.D it! She was in a trance watching all of the kids dance and run around. The lights alone were enough to keep her entertained for a year or two. It was so stinking sweet. Melt my heart. But alas I must be honest, I was a LAME SPICE prom date. After about 20 minutes I was over it. Ready to go home and get my comfy cuddly on. Averie was DEVASTATED to say the least. She fought tooth and nail when I tried to get her in the car seat. As we were driving home she kept letting out the saddest cry sighs. I think I broke my child's heart. I think I broke my heart...haha. It was a tender moment. I knew that those little noises were pleadings to go back. I should of but I didn't. I know I'm a debbie downer but I was tired what can I say. Tonight my love for my daughter grew(if that is even possible). I for the first time had an I am a mommy moment(me an ACTUAL mommy, so cool)!!!!! The way she acted made me think back to how I acted when I felt like my parents were making me feel left out or not letting me do something I had my heart set on. It was a surreal moment. One that I will never forget. It opened my eye's. I saw Averie in a different light. She wasn't just this CUTE adorable baby I was taking care of, she was MY cute adorable baby! As she held my finger on the car ride home my heart swelled. I am beyond grateful that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with miss Averie Nicole. He Loves me. He Loves me so much!
 Averie's Prom Get Up...precious
Little girl laying next to me as I write tired from our day of adventures

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bad Hair Day Update

My client that I lost much needed beauty sleep over last night texted me today saying that she is loving her hair! haha So happy/feeling kind of silly for worrying so dang much. The End.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bad Hair Days

The thing that hairdressers never tell a client is that they too have bad hair days. Not the kind that you are thinking about though. The kind that causes deep stress and anxiety. The kind that can cause you to stay up all night reliving every moment spent on a client. The kind that make you doubt your abilities and talents. Every once in awhile you feel unsure and frankly unhappy with a color or cut that was done on one of your clients. Lame Spice! That day for me was today...bum deal. I want to say it happens once or twice a year which is more than any of us would like but none the less it still happens and it sucks. Tonight I did a color and cut that I was not content with, The color was fine it was the silly cut that I am not happy with. We took lots off and although I knew it would be a change for my client I still felt as though she was not happy with it. Worst feeling EVER!! I didn't have time to make any changes due to having more appointments. I wanted to spend more time perfecting but couldn't...grrr! I am probably making a bigger deal of this than it really is but hey that's what happens in a people pleasing kind of job. I want everyone to leave my salon in love with themselves and more confident then when they walked through my doors. I know that I am good at what I do, I have full faith in my abilities as a stylist but it's nights like these that make me want to throw in the towel. Hair is a big deal to people. It can make or break their everyday. It sounds silly but it's the truth. Being a hair dresser is rewarding and I love it but man oh man those few bad hair days a year are no fun at all!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sweet Husband Of Mine

I have the world's LOVELIEST hubby...last night before our grand adventures in the hot tub I was at my parents with Averie(working & playing) when Jared called and asked me to come home right away. It worried me. I called back to make sure everything was okay since he was suppose to be at school. He said he needed me to check to make sure the oven was off...GRRR! I was rather annoyed because Averie was suppose to be eating and if I knew that was all it was I could of just left her with my mom while I ran home(10-15min away). I pulled up and ran in to check the oven and this is what I saw....soooooo sweet!!! Love him. He wrote the sweetest cutest little note ever....lovely! He fed babes and then took us out for a night on the town!!! We went to a cute restaurant down main street called Plank Town. It was good. Averie did ah-mazing! She sat in her car seat admiring all the fun things to look at as she pulled her binky in and out of her mouth(new favorite thing to do). Best family EVER....lucky girl right here!!

 He loves me He loves me not....HE LOVES ME
 daisies are my favorite and what better than rainbow daisies!!!!
 A picture of the two of us
 Aves and I before dinner with daddy

Avie In The Hot Tub!!

We took Averie in the hot tub for the first time last night!!!! Jared has been looking forward to this since before she was born. He is a hot tub guru. She LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Like daddy like daughter! The second her little feet hit the water she got the biggest smile on her face. She was very cautious that her face didn't go under...haha It was cute watching her hold her head up when she thought she was too close. She was extremely mad when I took her out. I think we may go in again tonight! Her 0-3 month swimsuit was way too small it only went went half way up her chest. My little two month old wore a 6 month swimsuit. She is growing way too FAST!!!!!

 Little Avie in her cute swimsuit!
 Ready To Go
 Warm & Snuggly with grandpa after getting out!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Today Averie went to the pumpkin patch for the first time. She L.O.V.E.D it!!! She was entertained the entire time. She had fun hanging out with Grandpa Durfee while myself, Lindsay and Kacy helped the little boys find the "perfect" pumpkin as my nephew Jet called it. The very first pumpkin I saw was my "perfect" pumpkin...but really it is a good one! I will post pictures when we have it all fixed up. Averie had a fantastic time on the tractor ride, she was in awe of the entire experience. We got a lot of complements on her cozy little bear outfit...she is beyond cute in it. She can hardly move...haha! All in all it was a fun time. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with Grandma Durfee shopping and playing. Jared worked until 1am so it was just us girls :)

Dressed and ready to go!
 Aunt Kacy and Averie
 Tractor ride that took us to and from the much fun!
 She got a little tired waiting for everyone to find their pumpkins
 Lindsay and the sweetest little men you will ever meet(Conner, Channing, Jet & Colby)
Grandpa Durfee & Aves
 She was out cold by the end of our trip
Just chilling in her swing after a long fun day....LOVE this baby!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time To Play Catch Up

Let's start from where we left off shall we......

October 2012- Trying to get pregnant and discouraged as all get out! 
Jared and I had been on fertility treatments for going on 7 months with no luck of conceiving. It was getting emotionally and mentally exhausting(for both of us)so after talking about we decided to take a little breather. I stopped taking all medications and decided to do my best to focus on building clientele and bettering myself. Jared kept busy with work and school and we chugged along. Surprisingly things got a lot easier and enjoyable. It was nice not focusing on days, ovulation charts, dr. appointments, etc.... I found myself becoming content with the way things were. Always hoping but no longer dwelling on something I had no control over. We enjoyed our new home in Oregon, Duck football games, Holidays and family! It really was a fun few months :)
On our way home from a Duck Football game! Mom & Dad have season tickets and always share with us kids! Love them. Love football.
 I told Jared to get all dressed up because I was taking him out on a "fancy" date! It was sooooo funny because he even shined his shoes.....
                                                         This is where I took him...haha
 It was a BLAST!!!
 We drove to Utah with my dad to visit my Grandma Durfee who was sick and recovering. While there we met up with some of my cousins and Jared's best friend and his girlfriend. We went to a haunted house in Salt Lake...oh the things Jared talks me into!
 At an Oregon Soccer game with these handsome men! Love nephews and nieces :)
Lindsay's photo bomb = EPIC!
 My sisters and I went to the Scandinavian festival,
It was a lot of fun!

December 2012- Feeling Weirdly Sick
On Sunday December 2nd I woke up like normal and started getting ready for church. I felt weirdly sick(that's the only way I know how to describe it). I felt nausea's but knew it wasn't the flu or anything like that. When we got to church I thought I was going to die. I was a little light headed and was seriously STARVING! I thought it was maybe due to it being fast Sunday. I was feeling a little silly being that hungry after fasting for such a short time. I made it through church and ran to find my chatty Kathy husband so we could go home ASAP! I kept begging him to break my fast but he kept encouraging me to wait a little longer. I felt like a lame bot. Great I'm the fat twinky girl I thought. I am a stinkin chubbers who can't go without food for longer than 3 hours. Feeling pretty discouraged I decided to take a nap(after eating of course...sorry babe this girl can't wait any longer). I went to the potty room before my nap and out of the corner of my eye saw a pregnancy test. I was going back and forth trying to decide if I should waste it. Ahhhh what's one more wasted 8.00 test...haha I locked the door so Jared didn't see me and my crazyness. I was positive it would be negative. I took it. I waited. Two lines. Wait what?!?!????? TWO LINES!!!! Rubbed my eye's. Checked again. Still two lines. Almost Passed out. Yelled for Jared. Secretly celebrated that I wasn't a twinky girl after all. Jumped up and down. YAY YAY YAY!!! Jared came running down the hall to see what was going on. I showed him. It was not at all the reaction I was expecting. He was really calm and serious(I think it may of freaked him out a bit). He told me not to get too excited until we went to the doctor and found out for sure for sure. Then he decided to take a nap! It kind of threw me off a bit. I guess I was expecting more of a reaction. I love Jared and looking back realize he was only trying to protect my heart in case of another let down. As the night went on he got more excited at the possibility!

That night...positive tests!

The next day we went to the doctors and blood tests and ultra sounds confirmed the pregnancy! We had no idea how far a long I was because I hadn't had a period for 6 months. I have no idea how I got preggers. It was 110% Heavenly Father's doing. This little girl was meant to come at this time. My little miracle! I love tender mercies.
We found out we were 6 weeks along! This was going to be a flip flop lovin Summer baby!

Soon after the excitement reality of pregnancy set in and it set in HARD! I was deathly sick. I didn't want to move or even think for that matter. It was miserable but I tried to remember how badly I wanted this and how blessed I was. We waited a week before telling family(other than my dad, I had to tell someone)! First we told my parents(video of that below) and older sister. To tell my other siblings my mom bought three Graco Swings for my siblings and I. They gave the swings as an "early" Christmas present to my brother and sister(who already have kiddo's). They then told me that when I had a baby they would buy me one. My dad paused and then said, "Oh wait you are having a baby, here's yours". My siblings sat there for a second before my older brother JUMPED out of his seat and excitedly said, "What your pregnant"!!! It was hilarious and a fun way to tell the rest of my family! Jared wanted to tell his family in person and already had a plane ticket out there before we found out about all this baby madness. I bought stuff for him to make a shirt with! He wore it there. Everyone was excited!
The shirt Jared wore home!

Pregnancy was a challenge for me(not my shiniest of moments)but I was grateful for the opportunity.
 The things I craved....WATERMELON was my happy thought...holy yum!!!
Jared on a late night run to get me my bff Mr. Watermelon...he drove the whole way home like this so that he could experience a moment in my shoes...haha Best Husband Award!

GIRL or BOY???!!!!!!??????
The entire pregnancy I was convinced that I was going to have a baby boy, probably because I have so many nephews. Jared thought it was a boy up until the night before the ultra sound then he changed to team girl. It was exciting and nerve racking going in to find out. We took my mom and she was so funny. She wouldn't stop asking the ultra sound tech if it was a boy part anytime she thought she could see something that resembled it slightly. The ultra sound tech FINALLY told us that she was pretty sure we were having a.....

and the doctor confirmed it! I was in shock and still didn't believe it! I even woke up the next morning and started tearing up because I told Jared I still thought she was a he...haha Lame spice pregnancy hormones! I was beyond thrilled. I got girly giddy really fast! My mom took the day off from work and after we found out took me for lunch and shopping for baby clothes! It was such a fun day! We told my siblings that night. They all guessed and then unwrapped pink clothes to find out the sex!
Our sweet baby girl!
20ish weeks pregnant!!

By the 5th month my ALL day sickness(the name morning sickness = all lies) had come to an end...HOORAY!!!!! I still experienced the normal comfortableness of pregnancy(heart burn, restless legs and sleep deprivation, etc) but made it through! I had two great showers thrown for me. One here in Oregon and one in Utah! I am so grateful for my awesome moms, grandma and sisters for all that they did for me. I was and still am beyond blessed!
 34 weeks pregnant!!
 Jared at birthing classes, he was such a good sport!

We decided on the name Averie Nicole after a lot of long thought. When we were dating I told Jared that I really liked the name Averie and he seemed to like it too. When I got pregnant Jared decided that he also liked the name Lucy so to be fair we tried calling her that for a month to see if it fit and it just never felt completely right. We kept coming back to Averie. We named her middle name after my older sister Lindsay(Nicole) because she is the one who introduced us! If it weren't for her Averie would not be here so it only seemed right :)

August 2013- BABY TIME
   Thursday(August 1st)Jared and I were scheduled to go to the hospital at 8:00pm to prepare to be induced early the next day. That morning I woke up with really uncomfortable back pain that would come and go off and on. I had a hunch it was contractions but they weren't close enough to go in. That evening we went out for one last date as a family of two and then headed to the hospital! When we got there they checked me in, started the monitors and sent for someone to start my IV. While waiting for my IV Jared made himself at home setting up his air mattress and jumping into the giant jetted bath tub..haha I love it and I love him. He also got me a redbox! It took two hours, 5 people and ten needle pokes to get my IV in(talk about bruised arms and hands)! That was probably one of the worst parts of the whole thing. They checked and I had dilated enough on my own that they decided I was in active labor and didn't need to be induced after all. Averie is awesome and decided to come on her own! They gave me a sleeping pill and I was knocked out. Around 4:00 in the morning I woke up in pain but it was bearable. I tried not to wake Jer up and jumped in the tub myself. It worked really well, making the pain go down. Around 6:30 I had a painful contraction and Averie kicked really hard at the same time causing my water to burst(literally)! There was a lot meconium in the water so I was a little nervous but they made sure to keep a good eye on the baby and her heart rate which made me feel better. I was dilated to a four. By 11:00 I was fully dilated and ready to go. I had a good cheer team in the room(Jared, mom, sisters and dad). They also had a pediatrician and respiratory therapist in the room because of the meconium. I pushed for about 15 minutes and her heart rate started to drop. I could tell the doctor and nurses were nervous as they kept looking at the monitor and back at me. At that moment in time I was in a lot of pain so I couldn't really concentrate on much which I am grateful for. The doctor decided that they really needed to get her out so three pushes and a vacum later she was in my lap. She was a gray color and not breathing(which actually was a good thing because she didn't have a chance to swallow the meconium). I was in a lot of pain due to her some what violent entrance into the world(I don't know how to say it much better than that). The doctor thought she may have broken her clavicle but luckily it was fine. They got her breathing pretty quick and her color started to get better. She was BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT in every way! Jared got a little green at the end of the delivery but luckily it didn't last long. It was cute he was in tears as he saw her for the first time happy and healthy! She was 7lbs 8ounces and 21 1/2 inches long! Her cry is to die for cute and quiet. She is such a good baby, we are so lucky! I am grateful that we were at the hospital when my water broke and during the delivery because of the extra help we needed to make sure she arrived alive and healthy. Honestly it was such a fast and easy process overall. I thought it was going to be so much worse. I am counting all of my blessings. Through this process I am once again reminded how aware of us our Father In Heaven is. He truly did answer so many of my prayers. I am the luckiest girl!
 Momma & Aves
 First bath...a little bit of a shocker...haha
 Our little Family
 Baby Averie
 Two days old and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Averie Nicole with her aunt Lindsay Nicole

We love her! We got her newborn pictures taken when she was 3 days old! I trade hair with a photographer so she will be a little model baby! 
 My Family!!!

 Sweet baby!!!

Aves has been such a happy blessing in our lives. She has slept through the night since week 4! She started smiling at week 3. She loves to laugh, look around, sit up, be on her belly, cuddle, talk(chatty Kathy like her daddy) and eat! She had a BEAUTIFUL blessing that all of her family that could make it attended! I am grateful to be married to such a strong priesthood holder who loves his girls!! I feel beyond blessed!  When I think about the frustrations of trying to get pregnant it is completely swallowed up in love. Love for my sweet husband. Love for my supportive family. Love for my perfect daughter. Above all else love for my savior who paid the ultimate price for me. It is because of him that I am here and that I am able to have a FOREVER family!
 Sleeping Angel
 She likes to keep one eye open as long as she can before falling asleep! She doesn't want to miss out on a thing!
 Beautiful girl on her blessing day! I wore that same flower on my wedding day!
 Daddy's favorite pacifier
 Strong girl holding her head up at 6 weeks!
 My cuddle bear!
 All Smiles!
 Doing our best to raise her right ;)